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Moravian Village of Bethlehem is set amidst approximately 28 acres in the beautiful Lehigh Valley.  Careful planning has preserved the beauty of this picturesque setting.  Sophistication of design and additional landscape features complement the area’s unique architectural landscape and rich history.

Moravian Village is conveniently located near Historic downtown Bethlehem, just minutes from shopping and commercial service facilities.  While the Village is new, so much of it will seem familiar and comforting.

In 1741, with the acquisition of 500 acres, at the confluence of the Monacacy Creek and the Lehigh River, Moravian settlement of Bethlehem began.  A contiguous second 500 acre tract, immediately to the east, was purchased in 1756.  Bordering the Lehigh River, it secured the adjacent lands as well as the pedestrian and wagon approaches to the growing community.  The Moravians had petitioned for the extension of King’s Highway, the Philadelphia Road which, until 1745, terminated at Irish’s Quarry and proceeded north, crossing the river utilizing an ancient Indian ford and pathway through a ravine on the north bank of the river known as the Minsi Trail.  This trail, in 1737, had become historically noteworthy as the route of the Walking Purchase which established the limits of settlement between the lands of the Indian Nations and colonial occupation.  The new 1745 road provided a direct connection between Philadelphia, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

This southernmost sector of the second 500 acres, first acquired in 1756, is the location of the Moravian Village campus.  The historically important entrance roadway is still evident as a storm water drainage swale, bisecting the site, south of Market Street and aligned with Elm Street.  The new Moravian Village is the first construction ever to take place at this site.

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